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Hello, and welcome to my e-portfolio. My name is Jacqueline Rousseaux and I graduated from California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB)  in the spring of 2016. I majored in Collaborative Health and Human Services (CHHS) with an emphasis in Social Work. I entered the CHHS program with a heart to serve vulnerable populations. I have a heart for Social Justice. When asked who or what influenced my values and beliefs I often say “my father, my mother’s Alzheimers, my time in Corporate America, and my education.” These four areas helped develop me and strengthen me as a human being. It was through my mothers Alzheimers that I saw an injustice in the health field, specifically the Gerontology field. I wanted to be a part of the force, a part of the collective voice that addressed this injustice and helped drive revolutionary change. I made the decision to attend CSUMB because of the unique and broad program CHHS had to offer. The CHHS curriculum is developed and taught for an ever-changing and growing health field. CHHS gives its students an experience unlike any other Bachelors Program by exposing every student to an environment of collaboration and hands-on community service. This dynamic program has equipped me professionally and developed my skills and knowledge in the different areas of Public Health, Public Administration, and Social Work practice. During my time in the CHHS program I mastered the necessary competencies to be an effective health and human services worker.

My Portfolio

The pages linked above in my portfolio highlight my proficiency in the areas of education and work experience. The documents within my portfolio showcase my ability to write effectively and efficiently, as well as work collaboratively.

“Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed.” – Anonymous

Collaborative Health & Human Services (B.A.)

The Collaborative Health & Human Services (CHHS) major provides students with the essential knowledge, skills and abilities needed to become  future leaders in health and social service organizations. It also prepares students for entry into graduate programs in public health, social work, public administration, nonprofit management, and related allied health and social service professions.

Students in the CHHS program master the theory and practice of inter-agency collaboration; acquire proficiency in the use of electronic technologies; and develop sound critical-thinking, communication and analytical skills. Students also build a foundation of values and ethics, and cultural competence needed for serving client populations and communities whose backgrounds differ from their own (CHHS, 2015).

Learn more about the CHHS Program here: https://csumb.edu/hhspp

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