Knowledge of Health and Human Services: Social Work


Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles and issues common to the major fields of health and human services including community health, social welfare and public policy; and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities pertinent to Social Work Practice (hhspp 2010).

Internship Mid-Year Evaluations

This piece of evidence is my senior internship Mid-Year Evaluation, completed by my  field mentor, Mandip Dhallu Director of Social Services at Kindred Skilled Nursing Facility. Mandip Dhallu filled out this evaluation describing my performance at the agency. It gives in-depth look into my roles at Kindred Skilled Nursing Facility, a skilled nursing and transitional care facility dedicated to serving Monterey County’s older adults. This piece of evidence provides a look into my overall professional performance at Kindred specifically working with older adults whom have the goal of returning home. Furthermore it highlights the complex dynamics of social work within the agency and my specific roles regarding direct client care.

Link: Mid-Year Evaluation

Social Work Family Assessment & Eco-Map

These reports provide an in-depth look into the complex dynamics of family assessment. In the piece of evidence I have completed a comprehensive family assessment report of a family scenario in which multiple vulnerabilities are present. In this report I have outlined the family risk factors, goals & objectives for the family, a eco-map regarding the families associations outside of the home, as well as my recommendations on how this family can work to strengthen family relationships.

Example: Josefina Case Study Assessment

Example: Josefina Case Assessment

Example: The Sanchez Family Assessment and Plan

Example: Sanchez Family Case Plan

Sample: Bio/Social Client Assessment Used at a Skilled Nursing and Transitional Facility

This piece of evidence, is a sample of my professional social work assessment abilities. In this piece of evidence I have demonstrated the ability to conduct a basic bio/social client assessment for a resident at a skilled nursing facility.  This assessment process is used by professionals at the agency in order to asses the bio and social components of new residents admitted into the facility after being discharged from a hospital setting. This assessment process gives a snap shot of a residents biological, psychological, and emotional state at the time of admission. Social services are better equipped to assess the level of care and resources the resident will need to be successful in their discharge process. Assessments assist Health and Human services professionals to best serve the needs of clients and best serve the needs of vulnerable populations. (The names have been blacked out and activities have been changed to protect the identity and privacy of the resident)

Example: Assessment Sample

Professional Skills

The following skill was developed and strengthened throughout my education at CSUMB and my field placement.  I was able to take what I learned in the classroom and apply it in a professional setting.

Knowledge of Health and Human Services: When I entered into my internship at Kindred I had a strong desire to make an impact on the facility. I was able to apply the techniques from the classroom and communicate professionally especially when performing patient’s assessments. I was able to learn the discharge process and how to assist residents through the process so that they experience a positive and safe transition home. I learned a lot about the bureaucracy of health and human services and how ethical dilemmas present themselves on almost a daily basis, especially when dealing with a corporation that is delivering services in patient health and wellbeing.