Professional Ethics



Demonstrate the ability to articulate the values and ethics which are the foundation for health and human services practice, to recognize areas of conflict between the professional values and the student’s own and to clarify conflicting values in the delivery of health and human services (hhspp 2010).

In my CHHS 350: Ethics for Health & Human Services course I expanded my knowledge, skills and attitudes of professional ethics. I was able to survey and become familiar with multiple moral theories and then apply those theories to multiple professional codes of ethics. During this course I also was able to see the ramifications of ethics for appropriate interactions in the helping professions.

Examining Values

In this paper I ranked my values by priority as a practitioner and as a client, and then explained why they differ. This assignment provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my values, and even more importantly, to think about them from the perspective of the client. The Value Essay made me more aware of issues a professional in Health and Human Services should be mindful of and the importance of knowing and following any professional code of ethics.

Ethical Dilemmas

The Ethical Predicament Paper was written by a fellow classmate and myself.  There were two perspectives to the ethical predicament the professional and a consultant. The ethical predicament paper allowed me to employ critical thinking process and recognize personal and professional responsibility to be involved in the identification and resolution of ethical issues and to promote the well-being of individuals.

Example: values paper

Example: caught in a dilemma

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