Professional Development



Demonstrate the ability to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for growth and development as an entry-level professional by producing evidence of increasing self-awareness and self-correcting behavior (hhspp 2010)

Professional Development is a part of life long professional growth and learning. Coming into the Collaborative Health and Human Services I had a strong foundation from my career in banking. The foundation now has a sturdy structure built upon it. My skills in communication, conflict resolution, leadership, and research have been developed and strengthened. I was a leader in my past career, but walking out of this program I am the leader I always wished I could be. I have learned how to tame my type A personality, so I am better able to lead a group with multiple personality types. I have grown into a leader that listens, educates, motivates, and encourages others to step up and lead. I have to say that I have grown most in the areas of confidence and patience. I now understand the art of building lasting community partnerships that collaborate and work towards a common goal. I have grown a lot as a professional during the past two years, and will continue to grow and develop as a professional as I  learn and apply new knowledge and skills.

Integrative Processing Model

This example of my professional development really shows how I grew as a professional through an experience with a client. It shows how I became aware of areas that needed to be strengthened within my professionalism. I was able to identify areas that I took a selfish approach instead of a client-centered approach. Most importantly I was able to reflect and process how I could have handled the experience differently and incorporate that reflection into future experiences with clients.

Example: Integrative Processing Model

Professional Skills

The following skill was developed and strengthened throughout my education at CSUMB and my field placement.  I was able to take what I learned in the classroom and apply it in a professional setting.

Professional Development: I demonstrated the ability to work well with patients, families, and staff during my field placement at Kindred. I presented a professional demeanor and displayed good work ethic. I conducted myself professionally by always being on time, dressed appropriately, and present. I built trust within the facility and established positive working relationships, so that collaborative partnerships would be possible within the different departments.