Statistics and Research Methods


Demonstrate knowledge and application of basic research methodologies and statistical analysis in applied and community-based health, human services and public policy research (hhspp 2010).

The following evidence demonstrates that I am able to take statistical data and analyze it to interpret its meaning. It substantiates that I am able to look at data/research and acknowledge the importance of integrating qualitative and quantitative data, and skills in utilizing different methods of analysis. The Excel Codebook demonstrates my ability to take survey data and input it into an Excel spreadsheet. This evidence illustrates my skills in using a statistical software program and “statistics jargon”.

Survey & Data Analysis

I created a patient survey at my field placement to try to uncover any potential areas that may need to be strengthened within the social services department and facility as a whole, in regards to communication and a residents perceived level of understanding. Through my research and data analysis I was able to identify key areas of concern within the facility that could potentially help alleviate their rate of unplanned readmissions.

Capstone Survey: Capstone Resident Survey

Capstone Codebook and Frequency Tables: Capstone Data-Codebook-Frequency Tables